Friday, August 14, 2009

Arroyo and supplements

Here is the link to the USA Today article with Arroyo speaking out on the steroids issue.

I drove to Louisville yesterday so spent some time listening to MLB on XM. Arroyo was mentioned, but not really discussed at length. That supports the broader point I made this off-season (on this blog) discussing McGwire. Nobody cares about steroid use unless it taints a long-held record or an important record, or if it's a chance to see a superstar go down. As mentioned, J.C. Romero was suspended for 50 games because of a positive drug test from last season. The Phillies won the World Series last year with this "tainted" player and nobody cared (except Phillies fans who were worried about their bullpen this year). Yet now everyone wants to say the Red Sox' series victory in '04 is "tainted" because Big Papi and Manny were on the list of 103. By the way, when Arroyo came out earlier this month and said he wouldn't be surprised if he were on the list of 103, nobody cared.

I applaud Arroyo for his candor. Again, while discussing McGwire, I defended his performance in front of Congress. At least he didn't lie. But now, I wish he told the truth, like Arroyo did. His "truth" might have been a lot worse than Arroyo's; I don't know. But couldn't he have gotten an immunity deal to tell the truth. I can't imagine that Congress is interested in prosecuting a steroid user. They like dealers and justice obstructers.

I also think Arroyo's approach with the unapproved supplements is reckless. The team should step in and put an end to it, if he's truly risking a positive test.

Overall, Arroyo gives such much needed perspective on the issue. (More on his great game last night later.)

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