Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lost prediction

Spoiler Alert! If you haven't watched the Lost season finale (we just finished it this week) stop reading.

The big question from the season finale was: did it work? Faraday's plan to blow up the hydrogen bomb was carried out by Jack, et al. in an attempt to prevent the reaction that ultimately led to the plane crash in the series premiere. After season 5's first episode I said this season was going to be about Fararday trying to save his girlfriend, Charlotte. That was why he needed Jack to set off the bomb. He knew his mom would shoot him so he couldn't. He's trying to reverse history so that Charlotte will live. Again, though, did it work? I'm skeptical, because the magnetic force was obviously released before the bomb went off, but maybe it destroyed all matter on the island. Let's assume it worked (otherwise, why bother).

Here is my prediction for season 6. The season will open with everyone boarding the plane in Australia and it landing at LAX, no crash. So, the bomb did work. But that doesn't end the story. As the season 5 finale showed us, everyone on the plane was already connected, as evidenced by the fact that Jacob visited all of them (in flashbacks) prior to the plane crash. So season 6 will unfold by telling us why everyone was connected already, even before the plane crash. Jack told Sawyer he lost Kate, so he wanted the whole thing to have never happened. Season 6 will end with Kate and Jack together, after we, the viewer, know how (and why) they were destined to be together.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Civil Rights game

The Reds get ready to play Cleveland this weekend. At least it's not the Civil Rights game, which is June 20 against the White Sox (no relation). A couple years ago Cleveland was in the Civil Rights game. It's a travesty that MLB can't see the problem with the Indians playing in a civil rights game.

Let's hope Blue Sock Grady Sizemore waits until Monday to break out of his funk. This is why I love A.L. only fantasy baseball (at least one of the reasons). I don't have to root against my boys when they play the Reds.

Blue Sox make another trade

Today, I traded Andrew Bailey and Travis Buck for Mike Lowell and Jason Frasor. I immediately dropped Frasor to activate John Lackey (recently traded for) from the D/L. I probably would have just dropped Brandon McCarthy (I would rather have Bailey than McCarthy) but had to drop someone to add Lackey, so I made the deal. Buck has frustrated the Blue Sox for well over 2 seasons now, so I'm happy to be rid of him. Maybe the change of scenery will change his luck.

Side note: I have two Twins hitters. They hung 20+ on the White Sox (no relation) today and my guys were a total of 0-2 with 3 walks. Ugh!

Vegas, Baby!

We leave for Las Vegas in the morning, so you may not hear from me for awhile.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I wish there were boundaries. This song stinks. (But Kara was funny with Bikini Girl.)

Kris Allen

You heard it here first, last night.

Kudos to Adam. Will he now tour with Kiss or Queen?

Still waiting

Now we'll see who's the real Champion of the World.

Fast forward

The guy's doing Do ya think I'm sexy. (And now Rod Stewart doing Maggie Mae. Yikes!)

I can die and go to heaven

Steve Martin on American Idol. What's next? King Tut (with Adam as Tut).

Bark in the Park

In spite of the loss, we had a great time. Scout caught a foul ball and we made the jumbo tron. (Now watching Santana on a great song, Smooth, with the guys. Still think it's going to be Kris.)


I just watched Adam rockin' out with Kiss: awesome. (And Adam performed Kiss's all-time best song!) Still waiting to see who wins. (Not live blogging, but DVR blogging.)

Reds/Indians tickets

I've got two great seats for Saturday night's Battle for Ohio. Let me know if you're interested and we can talk about the details. 859-816-9121.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Your American Idol: Kris Allen

Glambert has been the best singer throughout this season and without a doubt has been the best performer. Having said that, he will not be Season 8's American Idol. He hasn't shown America what his album will be like. On the other hand, Kris has consistently shown what kind of artist he will be. As a result, he wins this year. I love Kris, but I can't wait to hear Adam's album. But the last song proved my point. Adam sang it better, but Kris's version was better.

Blue Sox trade

The Blue Sox made their first trade of the season a couple of days ago, sending promising young slugger (and Top 7 prospect) Travis Snider to the Water Buffaloes for John Lackey. I haven't activated Lackey yet, but will do so soon, as soon as I figure out whether to take his last start. He got the win, but he also gave up four earned runs in five innings, with only three strikeouts. I could certainly use the win, but I just crawled out of last in era (into 8th) and don't want to add on to that. I guess I've got some math to do. Plus, I'm waiting to see who to drop. McCarthy (active Blue Sock) faces Dontrelle (non-active Blue Sock) tonight. Depending on how that goes, I think I know what I'm going to do.

Bark in the Park

The Reds open up a 9-game homestand tonight against Cole Hamels and the Phillies, who you last saw winning the World Series. Cueto draws the start for the Reds. More importantly, tonight is Bark in the Park night (actually the first of two this season, both of which my wife bought tickets for). Scout has yet to miss a Bark in the Park night and he will be there tonight in full Reds regalia. Check back tomorrow to see how the Reds, and he, did.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Must win (this time I mean it)

The Reds really must win today after losing another lead last night (this morning) to the Padres and ultimately losing 6-5 in 16 innings. I called last night's game a must win because the Reds face Jake Peavy today. If they get swept, they will have lost all of their momentum. Tomorrow's an off day.

You can't help but remember last year's Memorial Day Weekend Massacre in San Diego wherein Harang pitched 4 innings of an 18-inning marathon game the Reds also lost. Dusty's management of that game (and the subsequent decisions to bring Harang back on regular rest) have been widely criticized. This time he threw about everyone including fifth stater Micha Owings. Owings almost qualified for a "quality start" but ended up giving up the final run on a home run after going 5.2 innings.

I (and the Legends) fear for Arroyo today. If he has one of his rough games, it could really turn ugly because he has to go deep into the game. The Reds have to have 7 plus from Arroyo and we may see Cordero's first save of more than 1 inning. Let's hope Arroyo can go into the 8th and Cordero (who didn't pitch last night) can get the save.

We've discussed walks in this space before and it was walks that did the bullpen in again last night. Rhodes came in and walked Gonzalez for the second straight night. I have to conclude that they didn't intend to walk him; otherwise, why bring in Rhodes? And Weathers walked in the tying run after two other walks. The blown save was the first for the Reds, making them the last team this year to blow a save. There is no good time for a blown save, and this certainly wasn't one. It was also Rhodes' first earned run this year, making Heath Bell of the Padres (and Legends) the only qualifying reliever who hasn't given up an earned run yet.

I mention the blown save, but it's hard to blame the bullpen for this one. When the offense goes 10 innings against a bullpen and doesn't score a run that's bad, especially the Padre bullpen. Except for Bell, you've never heard of these guys. Perdomo pitched three scoreless innings for his first career win, and Burke made his major league debut (with a scoreless inning).

The Reds need a bat.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Must win

I hate to call today's game in S.D. a must win, but it kinda is. The Reds were riding high after a winning home stand and sweep of the D'backs. Heading into the off day, they were tied for first. They had a lead last night in the 7th with Harang on the hill. So far, the Reds were 16-0 when leading after 5 innings. (That shows you how well the bullpen has pitched.) A string of week hits and a walk, and the Reds were behind 5-3, finally losing by that score.

They have Peavy tomorrow (although he hasn't been super great this year) and that makes today's game a must win. They simply can't get swept by the Pads. Win today and they guarantee a winning west coast trip. Lose today, and they're looking at losing all of their momentum heading into a big homestand with the Phils, Indians, and the 'Stros. Win today and the fans are on Stubhub buying tickets. Lose today, and the fans will be rumbling, "told you so; let's wait and see."

Thursday, May 14, 2009


This from Mark Sheldon Wednesday at

Votto was still feeling the effects of the flu [Wednesday] and went through a battery of tests after his dizzy episode during the fourth inning of Tuesday's game. He expects to be back on Friday at San Diego. The issues started in the third inning when Votto charged on a bunt play with Dan Haren up.

"I felt a little off then," Votto said. "Then during my at-bat, I felt my heart really racing and I felt really odd. After I flew out to finish the inning, I was on the field and I couldn't center myself."

Votto said there was "no question" that what happened had to do with the flu that he had last week and caused him to miss four starts.

"I wasn't dehydrated," Votto said. "I've been doing my best to eat really well and put a lot of fluids in because I realize how hot and dry it is here. It took way too long to recover after it happened.

That's where my concern was. I didn't feel regular the way I do now until maybe an hour or hour and a half after it happened. The game was over and I still felt odd. More than anything, it was frustrating. I've gotten dizzy before from heat when I was kid if I exercised and recovered quickly - 15-20 minutes at most.

"The last thing I want to do is go out there and be taken out of the game. I found it really embarrassing. Not that I did anything to justify being embarrassed. I just don't like being taken out in the middle of the game, ever, out of respect to my teammates."

America puts the "go" in Gokey

Surprisingly, and much to the chagrin of the judges and the Idol producers, Danny Gokey was sent packing last night on an exciting (for once) results show. Watching the performances last night (I was watching baseball on Tuesday night) after I knew who won (and listening to the judges) was interesting. I thought Adam had a poor (for him) night, but he has clearly earned his spot in the finale. What struck me was Chris was very contemporary on both Apologize and Heartless. The kid could actually win it. (Purportedly, after 88 mil votes there were less than 1 mil votes separating the "top two." If you recall, Cook beat Archie by about 10 mil votes.)

The big question: who will fans of Michael Bolton-like adult contemporary screaming (I mean singing) prefer? Adam or Chris? No doubt, although Danny won't be in the competition, his fans will decide the winner.

First place

The Reds go into their much deserved off day in a three-way tie for first place. They've won 7 of 10, and are tied with the Brewers, who've won 8 of 10, and the Cardinals, who have lost 7 of 10.

They finish the road trip with three in San Diego, reeling after losing 8 of 10, before coming home to a nine-game home stand with Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Houston. Then it's two in Milwaukee, four in St. Louis, and three with the Cubs at home.

A-Gon says he's ready, but I'm not sure Dusty wants to play him, with Hairston playing so well offensively. Especially against righties, as Hairston would play left against lefties.

And the Reds face three righties in San Diego. Expect Nix to start in left on Friday and Sunday, with CD starting on Saturday. Who knows between A-Gon and Hairston, but my guess is A-Gon on Friday and Sunday (with an off-day Monday) and Hairston on Saturday. (That puts CD in the two spot on Saturday.)

The pitching match ups are:

Friday: Harang v. Correia. Harang returns to the scene of the crime. Correia is a right hander who has started 6 games. In 30 innings pitched, he has a 5.34 era and an 0-2 record. He has two quality starts including last time out in a loss to Houston where he threw 6 innings and gave up two earned runs on 4 hits and 3 walks. He struck out 4. Correia is a hard thrower, who would be better suited as a two-inning reliever than a starter.

Saturday: Volquez v. Geer. Geer is another righty. He's started 4 games (5 total) and has an era of 5.14 in 28 innings. He also has 2 quality starts and also lost to Houston last time out but he got hit hard, giving up 5 earned runs in 3 innings on 7 hits and 3 walks with no strikeouts.

Sunday: Arroyo v. Peavy. The Reds need to win the first two because they get Peavy on Sunday. He hasn't had his typical year, with a 2-5 record and a 4.30 era. He does have 61 strikeouts in 52.1 innings, with only 19 walks. He has 5 quality starts out of 8. Last time out, he lost to the Cubs, giving up 3 earned runs in 6 innings, with 6 hits, 2 walks, and 9 strikeouts.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Laynce Nix

Some unidentified scout told Baseball Prospectus the following:

Reds outfielder Laynce Nix: "He's really smoking the ball right now, and if I were Dusty Baker I'd ride the hot hand. That being said, I don't think he's a big-league starter. If the Reds get a big bat for left field instead of messing with this guy and Chris Dickerson, they might just steal the NL Central."

Indians fans

Here is an interesting article for those of you who are Indians fans (or care about how to fix the Indians).

Reds go for the sweep

Didn't I just write this post? Anyway, my wife is out of town, so I've had nothing better to do than sit at home and watch the Reds, even though I went to bed after the 8th last night. Granted, the D'Backs are in a free-fall, but the Reds haven't had a great history of beating teams they're supposed to beat, and certainly not while traveling to the west coast. But they beat up on Garland Monday night and eked out a win against Haren last night, this time on Owings' pitching, not his bat.

The sweep chances look good, with the Reds' de facto ace thus far, Johnny Cueto (but I'd still take Harang in a must-win single game -- let's hope we have some of those in the not to distant future), going against Bryan Augenstein, making his major league debut. I don't have the energy to research him, so we'll just see what happens tonight. The problem? Guys are all the time pitching a gem in their debut. Let's hope the Reds pounce on him early (like he's Luke Hochevar) and don't mess around.

Injury update: Votto left the game last night in what I was sure was some kind of pulled leg muscle injury, but it was reported as dizziness. Let's hope he's okay and that he's just still recovering from the flu. By the way, how stupid was it to move Hernandez to first and bring in Hanigan to catch when Votto went down? Owings' pitching was the story of the night. Why change catchers mid-stream? I would have moved Rosie to first, Hairston to third, and brought in Janice to play short. (By the way, the move did not leave the Reds without a back-up catcher as the announcers stated. Hernandez didn't leave the game, he just changed positions. If he or Hanigan got hurt, the other would catch. A collision between the two of them and injuring both, while a possibility, is too remote to plan for. Having said that, I still thought it was the wrong move.)

The Reds have acutally been fairly lucky on the injury front, especially in the pitching staff. Eddy went down and A-Gon has been hurt (BP and Votto missed a couple of games with illness) but the pitching has stayed out of the training room and on the field. Let's hope that continues.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Coors Light

I've figured out the Reds' left field situation. I've spent a lot of time on this blog touting guys from Juan Rivera and Andruw Jones to Jonny Gomes and Drew Stubbs (this morning). But now, I've got it.

Here's how it started: Watching Adam Rosales over the weekend was a real treat. I then started wondering if maybe Rosales keeps his job when Eddie is healthy. Could the Reds move Eddy to left? That's a tough sell in the middle of the season. (I don't think a minor league rehab assignment would give him enough time to get ready.) Plus, Eddy hasn't really been that big right-handed bat that the Reds need. He just signed for two years, so they're not going to bench him. The one thing he has done well is walk. And what do you think of when you think of walks? The Oakland A's. Moneyball wasn't really about on base percentage like everyone says, but the A's do like OBP. And who do the A's have at 3B? Chavez, who hasn't been healthy the last couple of years, Nomar, who's currently on the D/L, and to some extent Bobbie Crosby because they've got no other spot for him.

More importantly, who do the A's have in left? A slow starting Matt Holiday. It was a bit of a shock when the A's traded for Holliday. He's a free agent next year and a Scott Boras client, so you know he's hitting the market next year with no home-town discount. Because it was Billy Beane, everyone praised the move. At least the A's could trade Holliday to a contender or get the draft picks when Holliday walks at the end of the year. How would this look:


That's a much-improved line-up.

But Holliday is off to a slow start you say? And he can't hit outside of Coors Field. Well GABP is practically Coors Light.

So here's the deal: Reds send Eddy and a pitching prospect (in addition to walks, the A's love pitching depth) for Holliday. Eddy plays third for the A's and Holliday plays left for the Reds. Because it's 2009, we have to look at the money. Eddy only makes $2 mil this year and Holliday makes $13.5 mil. But Eddy makes $4.75 mil next year and Holliday is a free agent. This is a big bite for the Reds, but they had the money to trade for Jermaine Dye (reportedly) who makes $11.5 mil with a $1 mil buyout. Plus, when Holliday walks, the Reds have more payroll flexibility and the two draft picks for Holliday. Plus, if they do fade they can trade Holliday to a contender. But the Reds need to make this move now. Waiting won't give them full value for Holliday, and they need to make the trade before Holliday turns it around. (He'll do that faster getting back to the N.L. and another great hitters' park.)

As far as the pitchers, Bill Bray would probably do it, or they could send Daryl Thompson to the A's. Or they could send Josh Roenicke or Zach Stewart. The A's love those kinds of guys.

Let me know what you think of this trade idea.

Drew Stubs

Here is an interesting tid-bit from Kevin Goldstein at Baseball Prospectus on Drew Stubbs:

Drew Stubbs, OF, Reds (Triple-A Louisville)
Stubbs was batting .176 just two weeks ago, but he's 21-for-48 since, including a 7-for-11, four-double weekend that upped his season stats to an impressive .329/.409/.451. That said, he's a little confusing as prospects go. He's not the Drew Stubbs that was a first-round pick in 2006, he's not an exciting power/speed package anymore (a huge contact problem has been corrected with a much shorter swing), but the power aspect of the equation is gone for Stubbs, who has yet to go deep in 23 games this year. Regardless, he's hitting, he's drawing walks, and he's still one of, if not the best defensive center fielder in the minors. He's not less valuable, he's just different.

Could Stubbs be our answer in left field? As much as I hate to admit it, Chris Dickerson should be sent to the minors. He looks overmatched. He needs to play everyday and get his confidence back. Nix is playing well and can be part of a platoon with Stubbs against tough righties. Otherwise, call up Stubbs and let him play. Improving the defense will also be a plus. (Dickerson's looked lost at the plate and in the field.) Hairston can be insurance (when he's not at SS for A-Gon), but he's just not an everyday player. He has a couple clutch, GABP homers (barely clearing the wall in left center) but couldn't even get down a bunt in a crucial game situation yesterday. Darnell McDonald needs to be cut. He's the back-up to Hairston's back-up role. He can't bunt either, and he doesn't have any GABP homers.

I say bring up Stubbs and Gomesy, and send down McDonald and CD.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Reds go for the sweep

A while back I posted that the Reds have perhaps the worst bench in the majors. Yet that bench is on the verge of sweeping the Cardinals. With Votto missing the entire series, the Reds have already taken the series against the Cards. (By the way, I attended Friday night and got my first win this year.)

The Reds have scored 14 runs in two games, with an infield consisting of all back-ups (except for BP who played Saturday). Bruce and Taveras are the only regulars (again, except for BP on Saturday, and unless you now count Nix as a regular over Dickerson, which looks like that's how Dusty is leaning) and both have produced this series.

Of course, the big story is that Pujols is 0-8, with Friday and Saturday the only two games of the year that he hasn't reached base. I like the way the Reds have pitched to him instead of around him. It has helped that he hasn't had too many guys on base in front of him.

Cueto was great Friday night, allowing only one run (Weathers got hit in the 8th, giving up three, his first runs allowed of the season). Harang was good, not great, Saturday.

What I like is the Reds are playing with confidence and enthusiasm. I like Easy Eddy, but Rosie has really added to the enthusiasm since he's been called up. He's fun to watch.

I'll be there today, hoping for the sweep.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Rachel and I just laughed out loud for several minutes when Coach said to his asst. coach, "You know what they call me out here? Dragon Slayer."

Cardinals weekend series

Due to the 0-5 record for the Reds while I am in attendance, the Reds have asked me to sell my tickets for this weekend's series with the Cardinals. Right now, they're on Stubhub, but not moving.

If anyone wants to go to the Friday night or Sunday afternoon games, let me know, I'm selling in sets of 2 (up to 4) for face value. Call me at 859-816-9121.


The Reds have been awesome on the road, but not great at home. They've been worse when I've been in attendance, going 0-5 after last night's disaster. One saving grace from last night, from a fan perspective, was getting to see Paul Janish make his pitching debut. After giving Weathers and Cordero some work in the 7th and 8th, Dusty went with Janish, who pitched at Rice University.

The crowd loved it, chanting repeatedly throughout the top of the ninth. (By the way, I'm using the work "crowd" to refer to the handful of kids behind us and the one drunk guy.)

Janish started off great, striking out J.J. Hardy, actually making him look bad on strike three on a swing Hardy tried not to make. Then it was batting practice for five runs, with the inning finally ending with another strike out. Janish consistently hit 90 on the radar but did not appear to have another pitch. He threw a couple of pitches around 80, but his arm speed was so much slower even I knew what was coming (and I'm certainly not the Cowboy).

The home run Fielder hit was epic.

Monday, May 4, 2009


My dad and I are going to hike part of the Appalachian Trail in June. A couple of weeks ago I bought some boots and have been wearing them while walking to try and break them in. I got some additional stuff this weekend, and tonight I loaded up my backpack (36.5 lbs.) and hiked our three-mile bridge route. (From home up over the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge, down to and over the Suspension Bridge and then back home.) I made it. My back is pretty sore, but I'm better off than I expected. I guess we'll see how I feel tomorrow.

I'm interested in any tips about hiking the trail if you have any info/advice.

Managing in the N.L.

It's the bottom of the 6th in the Reds game with second and third, two out, in a 2-0 game. The Reds have managed almost nothing against Josh Johnson. Maybin, the no. 8 hitter, is up. He's 0-2 with 2 k's against Harang. Baker decides to intentionally walk Maybin and pitch to Johnson. Harang strikes out Johnson to end the inning. Both Grande and Welch said it was a great try by Dusty to try and get Johnson out of the game in favor of a pinch hitter. I don't know if Dusty did it hoping that they would pinch hit or just to help Harang out of the inning. I hope it was the latter, because the former wouldn't have worked and, in fact, would have the opposite result. (I'm writing this now, so it's not hindsight.)

Harang should have pitched to Maybin. Harang owned him in his previous at bats. More importantly, there was no chance, zero, that the Marlins would pinch hit for Johnson in that situation while he's pitching a shut out through 6. If Harang gets Maybin (likely) the Marlins would be much more likely to pinch hit for Johnson leading off their half of the 7th. Instead, by getting him out of the way in the bottom of the 6th, Dusty just made it more likely that Johnson would stay in and finish the shut out, because his spot in the order probably won't come up again (unless the Marlins are scoring again, in which case this is all academic anyway.)

Epilogue: Johnson just gave up a run, so he likely won't complete the game. But it was the hitters, not Dusty who will have chased Johnson.

League of Nations update

I won week 4 (our third week) 9-7 against the third best team in the league, moving me up from 9th to 7th. I was last (12th) after week 2, so this is an improvement. I've finally figured out the advantages of managing the roster, and now make daily moves. I didn't make any moves in the first week.

I've also added another closer, Brian Wilson (for and outfielder), allowing me to get more pitchers in each night who might actually pitch. I am now moving starters to the bench when they aren't slated to start. I noticed that my opponnent last week was doing this. I don't know why I didnt' figure it out on my own. I'm also juggling my hitters to make sure that I don't start a guy whose team isn't playing. I haven't yet started looking at each match-up, although I'm sure that would help. I just don't have that kind of time (or energy).

I also picked up Kevin Slowey (a Blue Sock) for Johnathan Sanchez, again trying to duplicate as many players as I can to consolidate rooting interest. This week I face Derek Lowe and Evan Longoria (and Willy Taveras).

State of Play

Rachel and I saw State of Play this weekend. I really liked the tone and style. Rachel thought it was too long. One of the writers (it's based on a BBC television series) wrote and directed Michael Clayton, which we both loved. I thought it was similar but not as exciting. I also didn't care for the ending, but I won't say why in case you want to see it.

Avenue Q

Rachel and I went to see Avenue Q on Friday night (after Dinner at Bootsy's with Ken and Chris). I really enjoyed it. It's been out for awhile, so I won't worry about spoiler alerts, but if you're like George's dad, stop reading.

It was supposed to be super offensive, but I didn't find it so. Jerry Springer: The Opera, now that's offensive. Avenue Q, not so much. I guess it's patterned after Sesame Street, a show I was forced to watch well into elementary school because I had a younger sister. (I've seen my share of Little House, too, for that same reason.) I thought the performances were great, including from a CCM grad in the lead roll. Rachel made the good point afterward that none of the songs really stick with you, which made me realize that it was really the lyrics and the message that made the show. So, as far as musicals go, this one wasn't great. As far as social commentary and story, it was top-notch.

Vote for Penny

Follow the following link to vote for Penny to be on the RuPaul show. Just click on the "Vote for Me" box.