Monday, May 4, 2009

League of Nations update

I won week 4 (our third week) 9-7 against the third best team in the league, moving me up from 9th to 7th. I was last (12th) after week 2, so this is an improvement. I've finally figured out the advantages of managing the roster, and now make daily moves. I didn't make any moves in the first week.

I've also added another closer, Brian Wilson (for and outfielder), allowing me to get more pitchers in each night who might actually pitch. I am now moving starters to the bench when they aren't slated to start. I noticed that my opponnent last week was doing this. I don't know why I didnt' figure it out on my own. I'm also juggling my hitters to make sure that I don't start a guy whose team isn't playing. I haven't yet started looking at each match-up, although I'm sure that would help. I just don't have that kind of time (or energy).

I also picked up Kevin Slowey (a Blue Sock) for Johnathan Sanchez, again trying to duplicate as many players as I can to consolidate rooting interest. This week I face Derek Lowe and Evan Longoria (and Willy Taveras).

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