Sunday, May 10, 2009

Reds go for the sweep

A while back I posted that the Reds have perhaps the worst bench in the majors. Yet that bench is on the verge of sweeping the Cardinals. With Votto missing the entire series, the Reds have already taken the series against the Cards. (By the way, I attended Friday night and got my first win this year.)

The Reds have scored 14 runs in two games, with an infield consisting of all back-ups (except for BP who played Saturday). Bruce and Taveras are the only regulars (again, except for BP on Saturday, and unless you now count Nix as a regular over Dickerson, which looks like that's how Dusty is leaning) and both have produced this series.

Of course, the big story is that Pujols is 0-8, with Friday and Saturday the only two games of the year that he hasn't reached base. I like the way the Reds have pitched to him instead of around him. It has helped that he hasn't had too many guys on base in front of him.

Cueto was great Friday night, allowing only one run (Weathers got hit in the 8th, giving up three, his first runs allowed of the season). Harang was good, not great, Saturday.

What I like is the Reds are playing with confidence and enthusiasm. I like Easy Eddy, but Rosie has really added to the enthusiasm since he's been called up. He's fun to watch.

I'll be there today, hoping for the sweep.

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