Monday, May 4, 2009

Avenue Q

Rachel and I went to see Avenue Q on Friday night (after Dinner at Bootsy's with Ken and Chris). I really enjoyed it. It's been out for awhile, so I won't worry about spoiler alerts, but if you're like George's dad, stop reading.

It was supposed to be super offensive, but I didn't find it so. Jerry Springer: The Opera, now that's offensive. Avenue Q, not so much. I guess it's patterned after Sesame Street, a show I was forced to watch well into elementary school because I had a younger sister. (I've seen my share of Little House, too, for that same reason.) I thought the performances were great, including from a CCM grad in the lead roll. Rachel made the good point afterward that none of the songs really stick with you, which made me realize that it was really the lyrics and the message that made the show. So, as far as musicals go, this one wasn't great. As far as social commentary and story, it was top-notch.

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