Thursday, May 14, 2009

America puts the "go" in Gokey

Surprisingly, and much to the chagrin of the judges and the Idol producers, Danny Gokey was sent packing last night on an exciting (for once) results show. Watching the performances last night (I was watching baseball on Tuesday night) after I knew who won (and listening to the judges) was interesting. I thought Adam had a poor (for him) night, but he has clearly earned his spot in the finale. What struck me was Chris was very contemporary on both Apologize and Heartless. The kid could actually win it. (Purportedly, after 88 mil votes there were less than 1 mil votes separating the "top two." If you recall, Cook beat Archie by about 10 mil votes.)

The big question: who will fans of Michael Bolton-like adult contemporary screaming (I mean singing) prefer? Adam or Chris? No doubt, although Danny won't be in the competition, his fans will decide the winner.

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