Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lost prediction

Spoiler Alert! If you haven't watched the Lost season finale (we just finished it this week) stop reading.

The big question from the season finale was: did it work? Faraday's plan to blow up the hydrogen bomb was carried out by Jack, et al. in an attempt to prevent the reaction that ultimately led to the plane crash in the series premiere. After season 5's first episode I said this season was going to be about Fararday trying to save his girlfriend, Charlotte. That was why he needed Jack to set off the bomb. He knew his mom would shoot him so he couldn't. He's trying to reverse history so that Charlotte will live. Again, though, did it work? I'm skeptical, because the magnetic force was obviously released before the bomb went off, but maybe it destroyed all matter on the island. Let's assume it worked (otherwise, why bother).

Here is my prediction for season 6. The season will open with everyone boarding the plane in Australia and it landing at LAX, no crash. So, the bomb did work. But that doesn't end the story. As the season 5 finale showed us, everyone on the plane was already connected, as evidenced by the fact that Jacob visited all of them (in flashbacks) prior to the plane crash. So season 6 will unfold by telling us why everyone was connected already, even before the plane crash. Jack told Sawyer he lost Kate, so he wanted the whole thing to have never happened. Season 6 will end with Kate and Jack together, after we, the viewer, know how (and why) they were destined to be together.

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