Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reds moves

The Reds exercised options on Arroyo as we predicted they would. This was a no-brainer, even at $11 mil. Whether or not the Reds keep him or trade him, he was worth the $11 mil. coming off the year he had.

They also kept Gomes at a little under $2 mil. Ironically, this is more than they paid him last year, and I see him having a reduced role in 2011. But I still think he's worth that salary, even as a platoon guy or a veteran bench player. I'm formulating a post on what the Reds should do with Gomes and the left field spot which will be up during the hot stove season.

The Reds also declined the option on Harang, instead opting for a $2 mil. buyout. This one hurts. I think Harang still has some use, but not at $12 mil. They could try and bring him back on a minor league deal or a non-roster invite to Spring Training, but I don't think I'd even offer him the $2 mil. as a salary. I think we have seen the last of Harang in a Reds uniform.

Less obviously, the Reds declined on Cabrera at around $4 mil., offering him the $1 mil. buyout. That means a couple of things, some good some bad. The good, maybe Dusty is moving away from his preference for veterans. (Although Dusty might not have had a say in it, but I doubt that.) Also the good, Cabrera didn't earn $4 mil. last year and I don't really think he will in 2011 either. His veteran leadership was important to this team, but his performance wasn't better than that of Paul Janish. Dusty can provide the leadership; the Reds need a shortstop that can field and hit consistently. Cabrerra on a much smaller deal, with Janish, might make a decent tandem for next year, but I think the Reds should move on and look for an upgrade at the position. But they will miss him.

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