Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baseball America top-100 prospects

Baseball America is a subscription site, but the folks there have their top-100 prospects list available on the site for free. I love these lists. The following are notable:

#4 Jesus Montero - Montero is a Blue Sock, picked in the second round of last year's draft. But he was my third pick. Because of trades, I had my first round pick and four consecutive second round picks. So the order doesn't really matter much. He's still minor league eligible and will be one of my four minor league keepers.

#5 Brian Matusz - Matusz is also a Blue Sock, picked up in the second round of last year's draft. He's no longer minor league eligible, but will be kept (at $1.00) as one of my nine pitchers.

#13 Justin Smoak - Also a Blue Sock, he was my first round pick last year. I was wavering between Smoak and Eric Hosmer but picked Smoak because I'd seen him play in the AFL. Hosmer didn't make the list this year. Smoak is one of my minor league keepers.

#19 Aaron Hicks - Hicks and Greg Halman were my final two picks in the second round last year. Halman (who I traded as part of the CC Sabathia deal) did not make the list. Hicks is my final minor league keeper.

#6 Desmond Jennings - This is out-of-order, but a very interesting story. Two years ago in 2008, I picked Jennings with my first round pick. I then traded him during the season to an owner that coveted him and then quit after the season. The owner that took his place did not keep him so he was available last year, but coming off a poor, injury-riddled '08 season. I chose not to get him again, but sure wish I would have. No one else selected him. So he went from a first-rounder in '08 to an unkept, undrafted guy in '09. Now, he's the highest rated (by Baseball America) guy available for this year's draft. By the way, my other two '08 draft picks (I only had three that year) were Elvis Andrus and Austin Jackson, both of whom I have since traded.

#87 Lars Anderson - I picked up Anderson in a trade in 2008, and kept him last year. I'll keep him again this year, mostly because I only have four eligible guys for four spots. His stock has dropped dramatically from '08 because of a terrible year. He's low on this list, but I've still seen him listed as the top Red Sox (no relation) prospect on some lists.

The Reds on the list are Aroldis Chapman at 22, Todd Frazier at 43, Yonder Alonso at 45 (I always think of the Yonder Mountain Sting Band of Talking Seattle Grunge Rock Blues fame when I see his name), and Mike Leake at 72.

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