Monday, February 22, 2010

Gomesy back in the fold

The Reds have re-signed Jonny Gomes after his efforts to shop around for a better deal didn't work out. There is apparently some debate whether he signed a minor league or major league deal, but I doubt it matters; he'll be on the roster when the team comes north (east?).

Gomesy was one of my favorite Reds last year and, in fact, was second only to Joey Votto in OPS. But the Reds gave him less than 300 at bats. He hit .267/.338/.541 last year with 20 home runs and 51 rbi's in 281 at bats. He also hit three home runs in one night in the Reds' best game of the year.

Right now, I think the team is looking at a platoon with CD in left, and with Gomes on the "wrong" side of the platoon he may not get any more at bats this year. No question he can hit lefties, and hit them for power. His defense isn't great, but he wasn't too bad in left last year. And he's got some pop coming off the bench in a pinch-hit role. My preference would be to put in left as the starter, get him 550 at bats, and see what he can do.

Obviously, this takes the Reds out of any Jermaine Dye talk, if they were in it in the first place. And I think means that most of their young guys (Stubbs excepted) will start in the minors. I'm talking about Heisey, Frazier, Francisco, et al.

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