Friday, May 7, 2010

Games 26-28

I didn't make it to Monday night's thrilling 11 inning Reds' win, but I did make it to Tuesday night's loss and Wednesday afternoon's win, again in extra innings. Tuesday night I sat in our seats, where I'm now 0-4 on the season. Wednesday I was in my firm's seats, where I am 2-0. So it's not me, it's the seats, right?

Here is a good link to an article about the Mets' use of their bullpen and managing by the save rule, something I've ranted about before on this blog.

Here is another good link to John Fay advocating for Brandon Phillips in the lead-off role. Again, something we've been talking about on this blog for a long time now. Stubbs struckout three times Wednesday and is now well below the Mendoza line. I think Dusty should stick with him as the every day center fielder, but he's got to be moved down to 7th or 8th in the order. Take some pressure off, but still see if he can cut it in the bigs. But he's killing us in the lead-off spot. Dusty, of course, is talking about moving 0-Cab into that spot, but he just doesn't get on base enough. Here is the latest speculation.

Speaking of BP, the blogosphere is full of stuff about his not running out a potential triple that cost the Reds a run on Tuesday and maybe the game (they lost by one). I'll leave you to ponder this, but will respond to any posted comments about it.

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