Sunday, June 13, 2010

Game 63: Scotty Gomes

Rachel and I were at a bobblehead night for WMP a couple years ago and he hit two home runs and robbed a home run. We went to Jason LaRue tractor hat night and he didn't even start. Instead, David Ross started and hit two home runs. We immediately started calling him David LaRoss.

Rachel asked me yesterday what I thought Rolen would do for his bobblehead night and I said, "hit two home runs and rob a home run." He had a great night, two for four with an rbi and a run, and a nice defensive play, but the big story was Jonny Gomes, who hit two three-run homers in his first two at bats. He then got hit twice and struck out. Here is what I said the night Gomesy hit three home runs in a game.

I was pretty disappointed that the Reds did not retaliate against the Royals. The first hit of Gomes looked unintentional, but the second one was pretty bad. Even if not intentional, you can't hit a guy twice (plus two other guys in the game) and not get plunked. I think Dusty dropped the ball. With an 11-5 lead, you've got nothing to lose. Look for the Reds to plunk a guy today if the Royals get a big lead.

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