Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Reds draft

Here is what prospect guru Kevin Goldstein said recenlty about the Reds in his N.L. Central draft re-cap for Baseball Prospectus:

Cincinnati Reds
Day One Selections
12. Yasmini Grandal, C, Miami

Inside the Pick: In the days leading up to the draft, Grandal is rumored to have floated a big price tag, which made the Royals nervous at four, and had some thinking he might slide all the way out of the first round. In the end, he went about where his talent belonged.
What He is: An excellent offensive prospect for a catcher as a switch-hitter with power and patience. He also has a plus arm and earns huge grades for his makeup and leadership skills.
What He is Not: Other than the arm, Grandal's defense can be slow and sluggish, with one scout saying, "When I look at him back there, it's like watching some 34-year-old Triple-A veteran." Like Yonder Alonso, another first-round pick from Miami with the Reds, he struggles at times against lefties.
Path with the Reds: If the pre-draft rumors of a big-money request are true, Grandal likely won't sign until the deadline. It was be interesting to see if the Reds try to get him some time in the Arizona Fall League or just wait until 2011.

Through Three Rounds
2. Ryan LaMarre, OF, Michigan
3. Devin Lohman, SS, Long Beach State

LaMarre is a lanky, toolsy outfielder who impressed with his athleticism at Michigan, but didn't exactly fill up the stat sheet. He has already signed and tied a team record with three stolen bases in his second pro game for Low-A Dayton. Lohman is one of those polished college infield types with solid tools across the board and great makeup, but nothing that really stands out.

Of Note Afterward: Fourth-rounder Brodie Greene is, in many ways, a clone of Lohman. Sixth-round pick Drew Cisco is the grandson of former big-league pitcher and coach Galen Cisco and it shows, and while he doesn't blow anyone away on a stuff level, he has three average-to-slightly-plus offerings and the command of a veteran.
Summary: Much of the success of this draft could end up revolving around Grandal, as the remainder of the Reds’ selections were predictable, if not out-and-out boring.

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