Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chapman update

John Fay is reporting the Reds will call-up Aroldis Chapman on September 1. Because the Reds have a couple of guys on the 60-day D/L, Chapman will be eligible for the playoffs. Normally, that cut-off is 8/31, but adjustments can be made for injuries. Plus, by waiting until the rosters expand on 9/1, the Reds don't have to make a corresponding demotion. Dusty thinks a demotion for one of his guys right now would send the wrong message since everyone is pitching well. I tend to agree, but what I don't know is if waiting until 9/1 saves the Reds money toward arbitration for Chapman, etc. I would also understand that, but for some reason GM's are afraid to tell the truth on that topic (see Mike Rizzo of the Washington Nationals re: Strasberg).

Chapman has been lights out in relief, and I think this is the perfect way to use him. Get his feet wet in the bigs in a non-pressure role (if any of those exist in a playoff race). If he responds, you've got a heck of an option out of the pen. If he doesn't respond, it's not irreparable.

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