Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Dusty dilemma

We've discussed Walt Jocketty's Dusty dilemma in this space already, but yesterday the Enquirer reported the Reds have offered Dusty an extension. Neither side offered any details. I suspect it was only a one-year offer which, undoubtedly, Dusty would be unhappy with. But he has the smarts not to say so. He doesn't want his contract to become a distraction, and I think that's another reason to keep him. You can just tell by watching him that he wants it badly this year. I don't know if it's the couple of years of losing, the attacks on him personally by the media, his hatred for Tony LaRussa, or his contract status. But he really seems to want it.

I think he's had a great year, and the team is responding. With the help of Bryan Price, even the pitching seems to be in order. I don't think Jockety has any choice but to offer Dusty an extension (which he's done now), but one year won't do it. A one-year offer seems like the Reds saying, "we know Dusty won't take it, but hey we offered." I think a two-year deal, at a small increase in pay is the only way to go. (Can managers have mutual options? Maybe one year with a mutual option would work for the p.r. department.)

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Matt.Zahniser said...

One of the many things I particularly liked in your guest's column was the statement that you are a local sports fan. I like that very much. I would hate for the hometown part of baseball to be obliterated by television or internet or whatever.