Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nationals Park

Try googling Nationals Park. You get only stuff about National Parks. Anyway, we were out East to hike the AT and see my grandmother for her birthday. She lives in Southeastern PA, about 2 hours from D.C. So we were able to catch the Thursday afternoon Reds game against the Nationals. We (my brother and I) drove to the park and ride and took the Metro to the park, which dumps you out right outside the stadium. The park is built by the old Navy yards in the south east part of D.C., but I never got a feel for where we were. My brother knew, because he used to work one Metro stop away. It never occurred to me to go up in the upper deck and see what kind of view we could see.

The Reds put out the same triple A line-up they've been putting out there of late and lost 3-2 when two runs scored in the 8th on a botched double play ball. (The first run also scored on a botched infield grounder.) There was a small crowd, but we enjoyed the game and the park. There is a good virtual tour of the park at my friends blog. Although the Reds lost, they took 2 of 3 from the Pinks. Of course, they went on to get swept by the Royals. Now that Votto is back, maybe the offense will improve. Let's hope the pitching holds.


Scott Blume said...

Looks like you may see Homer this weekend in Cleveland. He is due to start on Saturday. They may actually be bad news now that I think about it.

Dave Zahniser said...

We need Homer to come up big. Volquez had a set back.