Thursday, June 4, 2009

Proposed Reds moves

I'm going to propose two moves for the Reds, one I love and one I'm not sure about. I have been grousing all year about the Reds lack of a left-handed starter. In the last two seasons, they've had one left handed start, and that was by a minor leaguer on the last day of the season last year. We've recommended all kinds of moves, but the Braves just cut Glavine and I wonder if the Reds could use him. According to USA Today, the Braves offered Glavine retirement and he turned them down. So he must still want to pitch. He went 6 scoreless in his last rehab start (at single A), but the Braves didn't think he could get big leaguers out. I'm not sure this is an opportunity for the Reds, but why not take a flyer on him? He could start this Saturday.

But here's a move the Reds have to make. I was reading Jon Williams' blog, Advanced Fantasy Baseball, and saw that the White Sox (no relation) just cut Wilson Betimit to call-up phenom Gordan Beckham. Betimit can play all four infield spots and is a switch hitter. The Reds need this guy. He was a pretty good utility guy for the Yanks last year and has decent pop. But, again, he's a switch hitter that can play anywhere on the infield. Just what Doc Kremchek ordered. I doubt it would take much from the Reds to get him from the Sox. Come on, Walt, make this deal happen.

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Jon Williams said...

Cincinnati would be a fine place for Wilson Betemit to land. Like Brandon Phillips, Laynce Nix, and other recent additions to the Reds, Betemit was once considered a top prospect. After basically one failure he has yet to receive another chance at regular sustained at-bats.

I think Betemit just might be hidden gold for a team like the Reds. We're seen it happening more and more. Guys designated as bench players at best like Jack Cust, Russell Branyan, Ryan Ludwick and others finally put together a dream season when they get the chance to try.