Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rant ineffective, Blue Sox robbed

My recent blog post ranting about the Blue Sox has apparently had no effect on the team because they dropped another point last night. All of a sudden, no one can hit. I feel about as effective a motivator as Lou Pinella.

But here's what has me perplexed. I don't know if you saw the Yankees game last night or not (first let me point out that I forgot to set my line-up for the Yahoo league yesterday, so I missed Joba's start -- whick worked out okay considering his line) but the Blue Sox should have had a win. I turned it on at 3-3 in the 6th. Joba was gone and Coke was pitching out of a jam. He did, and it stayed 3-3. Hughes came in and pitched a perfect 7th, which sets me up for the win if the Yanks take the lead, which they promptly did on an A-Bomb from A-Rod. Why Girardi didn't leave Hughes in is beyond me, but he can certainly pitch two innings. Instead he went with Bruney, who coughed up the lead. The ironic part: it was Blue Sock Russell Branyan who knocked in the tying run. He was up with one out and the bases juiced. I'm thinking, "okay, I'll take the grand slam for the win." But instead I get a sac. fly, which gives me 1 rbi for the win. Of course, the Yanks take the lead in the bottom of the 8th and go on to win, but I had already lost interest and was on to playing impossible-to-win-solitaire on the I-Phone.

All that to say, again, here's what has me perplexed. If the official scorer has the discretion to not award a relief pitcher a win in this type of situation, and then chooses to award the relief pitcher the win (Bruney got the win) than under what circumstances would an official scorer exercise such discretion? Bruney stunk, and gave up the lead. He did nothing to earn a win. I get it that he was the pitcher in the game when the Yanks took the lead for good, but if that's a hard and fast rule, say so. Don't pretend that the official scorer has discretion. And if he does have discretion, use it!

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