Thursday, December 3, 2009

If law doesn't work out . . . is hiring a stats stringer in Cincinnati. Stats stringers are responsible for digitally scoring MLB games. The stats are used in a variety of ways by and other entities.

Responsibilities include:

* Arrive at the ballpark one hour prior to the scheduled start time;
* Double-check and verify all pre-game information: rosters, umpires, weather conditions, etc.;
* During the game, enter the results of every pitch and game event (plays, substitutions, etc.) using proprietary software and coding language;
* Work closely with game-night support staff (via AOL Instant Messenger) to ensure proper scoring of all game events and accuracy of data;
* After the game, enter all post-game information: winning and losing pitcher, saves, holds, time, and attendance; and
* Validate all stats in software box score against the official box score provided by the Official Scorer and print out a final box score and game text for the club PR staff.

Qualifications include:

* Previous experience (including pressbox exposure) with a professional or college sports team, preferably baseball;
* Exceptional (and demonstrable) knowledge of baseball and how to score a baseball game;
* Strong computer proficiency (Windows OS and Windows-based software) and the ability to quickly learn and operate new software;
* Regular availability to attend games in-person as required by the schedule: weekdays, nights, and weekends;
* A “team player” with a great attitude, including but not limited to a willingness to make and learn from mistakes and the ability to work closely and cooperatively (and take direction from) game-night staff;
* Professionalism: it’s a fun job and pays to watch baseball, but it’s also an important job and people must take the responsibility seriously.

New stringers undergo an 8-10 week correspondence training program, and co-score several practice games in the ballpark with a returning stringer, before scoring any games solo in the ballpark.

If interested, e-mail a cover letter with your resume and qualifications to

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