Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas wish list

On a recent Facebook status update I said all I wanted for Christmas was season 8 of The Gilmore Girls. Although more than what I asked for last year (thanks Amy) it's still not my complete list. So without further ado, here's this year's list, by category:

Things that don't exist

* Season 8 of The Gilmore Girls;

* Nice sunglasses that fit my head;

* East Dillon Lions t-shirt; and

* King size bed skirt with only a 12" drop.

Things (both) people shopping for me have no control over

* Music City Bowl win for the Cats;

* Emmy nomination for Zach Gilford;

* A satisfying ending to "Lost";

* Break-out years from Bruce and Stubbs; and

* A Bengals home playoff game.

Things I know have already been purchased

* Ford County by John Grisham.

Yeah right

* 32" HD t.v. for the bedroom; and

* Bronson to stay a Red.

Things that are more likely

* Books from the Best American writing series, best short stories, best mystery stories, or best non-required reading;

* New Robert B. Parker books, The Professional (Spenser) or Night and Day (Jesse Stone);

* The four missing songs from Elton John's 1976 double album Blue Moves which were left off the cd but are now available on i-tunes, Cage the Songbird, Shoulder Holster, The Wide-Eyed and Laughing, and Where's the Shoorah?;

* King size bed skirt with a 12" drop (my Mother-in-law is working on making this one);

* Some sort of Bengals jacket that's good for layering, is very simple, and is XL;

* A good trail guide, map, or book about hiking the Appalachian Trail (I do mean hiking the actual trail -- this is not a euphemism);

* Dinner at the Waterfront; and

* Anything about baseball, real or fantasy.


tdwillard said...

Have you read Bill Bryson's book about the AT? It's a good audiobook selection.

Dave Zahniser said...

Todd, I did read that book and liked it. Borrowing it was one of the reasons I hiked last year and want to do so again this year. I heard he made up the friend. (Was it Schultz?)

tdwillard said...

Stephen Katz. I hadn't heard that. Interesting.