Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good news and bad news

The good folks over at Baseball Prospectus (basically Kevin Goldstein) have there top 100 prospects list up. In my mind, Goldstein is the best prospects guy in the business. I use his rankings for my minor league drafts and have gotten some great players in the later rounds of the draft.

The good news: he's got Aroldis Chapman at number 10. That's as high as I've seen Chapman on any list, although his late signing has kept him off some lists all together.

The bad news: Yonder Alonso isn't even on the list. Here's what Kevin said, Alonso is off the list because of the, "fact that he showed little power and did utterly nothing against lefties. I've written many times my feelings on first base prospects. If you don't look like some kind of No. 3 or 4 hitter on a championship level team, just how good of a first base prospect are you?" Not very encouraging.

The other Reds that did make the list are Mike Leake at 59 and Todd Frazier at 67.

I'm a little disappointed with the Blue Sox rankings on the list. Although Montero came in at number 4, Smoak and Matusz are 17 and 18, and Lars Anderson didn't even make the list. Hicks came in at 26.

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