Monday, July 19, 2010

Game 92: Volquez has no friends

Right before first pitch on Saturday night my phone lit up; calls and texts about my ugly mug on t.v. I guess we made it on the tube right after Chris Sabo's induction ceremony.

But the big news of the night was Volquez. He's back, and in a big way. He's always struggled with consistency so I won't get too excited, but boy did he look good. And boy do the Reds need him. Including yesterday, the Reds have lost three of theit last five by a score of 1-0. And Saturday, even though they scored 8 runs, they only got 5 hits. One single and four home runs. The two Stubbs hit were of the Pretty Good American Small Park variety.

The big take-away from the game? Volquez must not have any friends. No friend would have let him go out there with that hair.

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