Thursday, July 22, 2010

Game 96: gaming the system

I used the fact that Rachel is on crutches to get four pretty good seats in the handicap section at GABP last night to see the Reds (oh yeah, and Strasburg). I'm no scout, so I'll let other sites provide the details, but it look like he had the hitters off balance, hitting 80 m.p.h. about as frequently as 98 m.p.h. I didn't check every pitch, but I didn't see 100 m.p.h. Still, the Reds managed 3 runs against him, tied for the most he's given up this season.

That was in sharp contrast to Arroyo's 89 m.p.h. fastball. Arroyo was on early, but ended up giving up 7 thanks to some poor relief pitching.

In the meantime, the Cards won again (are they ever going to lose?) and the Reds slipped to 1.5 games back. Time to make a move? They did sign Russ Springer and Izzy, but I'm not sure that's the answer. Should be an exciting few days before the trade deadline.

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