Saturday, July 3, 2010

Half way home

The Reds have completed the first half, going 46-35. They haven't had that many wins after 81 games this century. They lead the league in hitting and fielding. The most impressive thing is that they've come back from several instances where in the past the team would have folded. An early series sweep in Pittsburgh, the debacle in Atlanta, and the sweep to start the west coast trip in Seattle.I think the difference has been the leadership of Rolen and Cabrerra, something that has been sorely missed by the Reds in the past.

Most importantly, I have a trip coming up with some college buddies all of whom are either Cards fans or (mostly) Cubs fans. We made a bet before the season started on which of the three teams would be in first on July 8, the start of the trip. It aint over yet, but I've got a much better shot than most of the group.

Coming up: my plan to trade for Cliff Lee. You'll like it (I think).

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