Monday, November 24, 2008

Coco Crisp

I needed something to start blogging and I guess the trade of Coco Crisp was it. I updated my facebook status with how excited I was about his trade to the Royals, and no one cared. My wife didn't want to hear about it either, so I decided I would blog about it. I was thrilled to learn of the trade. The Blue Sox landed Crisp toward the end of last year for only $1. By moving to the Royals, he is almost certain to play everyday and may even lead-off. No doubt he will steal more than the 20 bags he stole last year in part-time work with the Red Sox (no relation). My excitement was tempered, however, when Peter Gammons posted that the Reds were in the running to trade for Crisp. That would have been a great trade for the Reds. But I'll take the bird in the hand.

An assist to UK Football Fan who helped me get set-up. More later.


Rachel said...

Good job, Dave. Now you can share your thoughts with people who really care.

Dave Zahniser said...

Both of them.

Scutch said...

Everybody is a critic.