Monday, November 24, 2008

Setting up the key decisions for this winter

Most of this winter will be spent figuring out who the Blue Sox should keep from last year's roster. Some background:  the Blue Sox finished 8th last year (out of 10). The beginning of the end came before the season even started -- in fact before the player auction -- when I traded Kevin Youkilis for Jeff Clement, Akinori Iwamura, and Mark Teahen. In my defense, I needed a fourth minor league keeper. What I didn't need, however, was a couple of regulars who couldn't hit or steal bases, but how would I have know that?   

Anyway, I was never really in it so I was able to stockpile some players. Here are the rules:  we get to keep 14 players and 4 minor leaguers.  Right now, I'm looking at these 10 for-sure keepers: Dioner Navarro, Ian Kinsler, Evan Longoria, Alex Gordon, Grady Sizemore, Coco Crisp (see earlier post -- he should play every day now), Travis Snider (missed minor league eligibility by two days), Chin Ming Wang, Philip Hughes, and Chris Ray.  That leaves 4 more spots and I have the following to choose from: 

The aforementioned Jeff Clement (keeping in mind that I essentially traded Youkilis for him), Howie Kendrick (almost a for-sure keeper), Asdrubal Cabrera (or, Cabrutal as he should be called), Kevin Slowey, Jon Garland (who may sign with the Mets and, therefore, be ineligible), Anthony Reyes, Jessie Litsch, and one of the following 3, if any are going to close in '09:  Scot Shields, Octavio Dotel (how great would a trade of Jenks to the Mets, with Dotel moving into the closer's role be for the Blue Sox? And the Mets?), or Jensen Lewis (fat chance!).    

As far as minor leaguers, I have 8 good options for 4 spots:  Clay Buchholz, Taylor Teagarden, Kai Ka'aihue, Lars Anderson, Elvis Andrus, Austin Jackson, Freddy Garcia, and Dontrelle Willlis (yes, he and Garcia are minor league eligible).  I don't consider Travis Buck, Josh Barfield, and Matt Murton good options, but you might.

The major league players have a salary component that I'd be happy to discuss, but the minor leaguer's don't. After you've had a chance to review this list, I would appreciate ideas on who to keep for next year.  I guess I should include our categories so that you'll now what I'm "keeping."  On offense, we use HR's, SB's, Avg., and Rbi's.  For pitching we use Wins, Saves, era, and strikeouts.  

One of the reasons I ask for your input is so I don't make mistakes this year like not keeping Ervin Santana, who had a great year.  


Shannon Naish said...

Ok I may not be the best person to asses this for you dave. I did not even recognize the Nat. League Cy Young - and he is a UW alum.
That said, do you start from scratch every year? Also is there usually an up or down side to grabbing the most recognizable names? I would take Willis and Garcia.
Is there a place to access all of the stats for minor league guys. Do the principles of Money Ball apply?
And can a person just start a blog without a license?

Dave Zahniser said...

I don't know about "best" but right now your the "only" so I'll take what I can get. I was following Lincecum when he was still in college hoping that an A.L. team would draft him.

Just because Garcia was an 'M' doesn't mean I should keep him. Plus, I expect he'll sign with an N.L. team.

You can go to for all minor league stats.

Starting the blog was easy (and no license -- or fee) even for an old fart like me that isn't very good on the computer. (Alex helped. By the way you should read his UK football blog. No mention of Kai Ka'ahiue.)