Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jermaine Dye

Lance McAlister is reporting that the Reds are talking to the White Sox about a Homer Bailey and another player trade for Jermaine Dye. Of course, depending on the "other player" (usually these rumors mention the top guy, so any "other player" would be somebody worse than the player mentioned) this is a no-brainer for the Reds. Dye would be expensive, but the Reds have the money. And it doesn't look like Homer has a rotation spot this year. I still say signing Juan Rivera is the way to solve the left field/righty power problem, but Dye would be a sight for sore eyes at the GAP.


whit said...

I like Dye, but isn't his age a drawback? I don't like signing a guy who you don't consider a long-term guy right now. He'll be 35 when the season starts. If the Reds were seriously contending this year, I'd be in favor, but I still think we're a couple years away and that spot is better filled by someone whose more productive years are ahead of him, plus Dye is too expensive, making $9.5 mil. last year

Dave Zahniser said...

Thanks for the comment. All true, but I still think the Reds have to spend some money to fill the seats this year and he would help. Right now are options are pretty limited. I still say Juan Rivera is the way to go.