Monday, November 24, 2008

Richie Sexson

If the Reds don't follow my advice (likely) and sign Juan Rivera (unlikely), they should invite Richie Sexson to spring training.  Assuming he doesn't sign a guaranteed deal with another team, he's a risk with some upside. The Reds need righty power (previously posted) and he would probably come cheaper than Rivera.  There's a good chance he's done for his career, but definitely worth a spring training invite. Not worth a guaranteed contract, though. 


Dave Zahniser said...

Shannon is my first follower although not my first commentor (that's Alex -- non-spousal division). I didn't post on Sexson (a former Mariner) in honor of Shannon. But Shannon's comment made me remember that I wanted to post on Sexson.

Shannon Naish said...

I would not even invite him. He has got to have a bad vibe. I am not saying he is not good in the clubhouse, but I think he took a big ego hit. Not sure. Also biased as I am not as attached to Reds and hurt by his bust as biggest recent M's signing.
M's reminds me of what was said on Mike & Mike about results of preseasons predictions. Greenberg said "My world series was M's and Mets. Mets were eliminated on the last of the season. Mariners were eliminated on the first day."