Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fantasy update -who knew?

I think it's over for me in the bgal. I'm in fifth and not that far from second (first has been decided) but don't see much room for improvement. My guys could go on a run, but I don't see it. If Grady had had a typical year, I would have finished in second pretty easily.

The League of Nations is in the playoffs (Yahoo! league; top 6 make it; I finished 5th). I'm currently behind but not by a lot and could advance to the semis, playing the number 2 team.

Now the fun stuff. I've payed very little attention to the Colonial League, but I'm now in third and only four points out of first. I've got a real shot with some runs scored and a small uptick in my pitching. I think the lesson here is to trust your draft and don't over think everything. I guess I'll have to think about whether or not to adopt that strategy for next year.

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