Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to lose Survivor . . .

. . . first, make sure I pick you in the pool, because then you're doomed. But it also helps to get invited to the other tribe and immediately go off on everybody. Of course, Yasmin couldn't go out tonight because she was on the winning tribe; but she took a great opportunity (a chance to bond with the other tribe) and ruined it. We'll see if it hurts her (me) down the road.

You know you're in for a real treat when the first challenge comes very early and it's immunity and reward. I hate any challenge where tribe members have to have any kind of physical contact with the other tribe. Hit 'em with a giant Q-tip, but don't have them tackle, etc.

The old dude went out early (you never want to see Survivor: Medical, but you don't want to see a dead Survivor.) But the yellow tribe still had to vote some one out. The cop fought for her life, but in the end, they kept Ben (who seems crazy) because he's "stronger."

I loved the Cops theme song from the cop. (Then Ben went all good cop/bad cop.) Good episode. I'm still in for now, but don't expect it will last. Yasmin's mouth will do her in.

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