Friday, September 18, 2009


Lots of things have conspired to keep me away from the blog, including our push to finish all seven seasons of The Gilmore Girls before fall t.v. starts (more on that later) and the trial I had recently. But the real reason is I'm a little burned out on baseball. In addition to the blog, I had three fantasy teams this year and more Reds tickets than usual. We even scored tickets to some Louisville Sluggers games and travelled to Cleveland to see the Reds on the road. Count the pre-season time getting ready for three drafts, and that's a lot of baseball. But I plan to get back to posting several times a week and appreciate your hanging with me.

During the hiatus, I hope you caught up on UK Football with UKFootballFan, which is listed on this cite and is a great blog for UK fans (and still pretty good for everyone else).

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