Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bengals bandwagon

Rachel and I picked this year to get Bengals seats, but we still haven't been to a regular season game. That ends tomorrow as we make our debut in our new seats. Hopefully, the recent run for the Bengals hasn't been tied to our absence. I also hope the excitement at the very end of every game the Bengals have played wanes some. I look for the Bengals to win by two touchdowns.

A big factor in our decision to jump on the bandwagon this year was our tailgate group. Ten of us split one pass, meaning we each host one tailgate all year, and attend as many as we'd like. Tomorrow is our turn to host and we're having Montgomery Inn barbecue. If you're going to the game, stop by. We'll be in Lot 1 at 11:00 a.m. Call my cell (859-816-9121) and I'll help you find us.


Michael said...

Enjoying the blog Z. Nice job jinxing the Bengs yesterday.

Scott Blume said...

Montgomery Inn Barbecue is worth coming to any tailgate party. You throw a top shelf tailgate if you have Montgomery Inn offered.
By the way, so much for the winning streak. I think Billy Cunningham should know what happened @ your first game of the season.