Monday, October 26, 2009

Update: Bengals' bandwagon headed in right direction

Last week, I took it personally when the Bengals were upset in our inaugural game with our new seats. But this week I got to say something for the first time ever at a football game that you Elder grads probably say a couple of times a year: "We're up 6 touchdowns." What a performance by the Bengals as they steam-rolled the Bears defense, which was the subject of a funny facebook "Amber Alert" parody last night. (Last seen exiting the team bus at PBS...)

But this performance begs the question: where were these guys last week? The Bengals couldn't move the ball at all against Houston. I have to believe the difference is the Bengals from week to week. No way Houston is that much better than da bears.

So what to think? I don't know. My Dad had a sermon he used to give every once in a while about the fact that you can't be on the wrong path; there's only one path. You can, however, be going the wrong way. The Bengals seem to be running z sprints up and down the path rather than running the distance race in the correct direction that will get them to the playoffs.

We don't see another game until Thanksgiving weekend, so hopefully the World Series can keep us occupied for a while. More on that to follow.

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