Thursday, October 29, 2009

Game one

My Series prediction isn't wrong (yet) but one of my main criteria certainly was. I predicted trouble for Cliff Lee facing the Yankees and I couldn't have been more wrong. He had a great night last night, striking out ten and walking none over a complete game that would have been a shutout but for an unearned run. The dynamics of this series have taken a 180 degree turn thanks to Lee. Everyone thought the Yanks would win and now folks are scrambling to figure out how they can, knowing that the Phils will have Lee at least one more game and maybe two.

Tonight's match-up should be a doozy, given the possible upside (with huge corresponding risk) of the Phils sending Pedro to the mound and the unpredictability of A.J. Burnett. One loyal reader was kind enough to point out in the comments section of the blog that in addition to Indians and L.A. fans, Mets fans are hating this match-up, too. Never will that be more the case than tonight, as they have to watch Pedro pitching for the rival Phils against the hated Yanks. I look for Pedro to have a decent game and for A.J. to give up a few runs, but this one will be won by the Yanks against the Phils bullpen later in the game.

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