Monday, October 4, 2010

Game 162

Rachel and I have been in our ticket group since GABP opened up in 2003. Every year, I try to pick the last game of the season in our ticket draft on the theory that you never know. Usually, the game is meaningless, but a fun day for us to say goodbye to baseball for the season. This year, the game was also meaningless, but for an entirely different reason.

We got up around 5:30 to catch an early flight from Tampa to Cincy and made the game with no problem. Rachel commented that the game was just like Opening Day, cold, Harang pitching, and the Reds in first place. To top it off, the Reds won 3-2 on a Jay Bruce home run, his 25th of the year. It seems like all 25 have been in the last couple of weeks. That guy is on fire heading into the playoffs.

On opening day, I bet a guy $100.00 Harang would end up over .500 this year. Going into yesterday, he was 6-7. I was thrilled when he got the start and beside myself when he cruised through the first two innings and had a two-run lead. But the wheels fell off in the third and he left with a blister. A huge disappointment for him (and me). I was happy that he got a nice ovation upon leaving the game, which might be his last as a Red.

My main hope for the Reds this year was a winning season. One step at a time, right? but to win 91 games and the division is a huge accomplishment. But to do so without mortgaging the future really bodes well for the franchise. Anything in the playoffs is icing on the cake, but I'll leave it at that. Look for my playoff preview later this week. For now, I just want to enjoy the great season.

See you at the pep rally today at 3:30 on Fountain Square?

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