Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Looking back

I never made it to the N.L. for my pre-season predictions, but it's only fair to go back and look at the picks I made for the A.L. We'll start with the Central, where I predicted the Twins would win and a dog fight for second between Detroit and Chicago. I said Detroit would take second, but it was the White Sox (no relation). I correctly picked the Indians fourth and the Royals fifth. Then there's the West, where the division went as follows: Rangers, Oakland, Angels Mariners. I picked it Mariners, Angels, Rangers, Oakland. So that leaves the East to see if I go essentially one for three or two for three. I picked the Red Sox to win it and the Rays for the wild card. The Rays made it, but not the Red Sox. Never bet against Notre Dame football or the New York Yankees, right? I had the Yankees third, and the Orioles and Jays fourth and fifth, but in the wrong order.

Maybe next year, I'll try the N.L. only.

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