Saturday, October 9, 2010

NLDS: Game 2

What can you say about Game 2? I'm very proud of the way the team bounced back from Game 1 and took a quick lead. And very disappointed the team lost the way they did. Most games the Reds lost they got beat. They rarely beat themselves this year and Game 2 had to hurt. BP had a tremendous playoff game (a triple shy of the cycle) . . . on offense. Defense, not so much. Rolen has struggled on offense and defense. Bruce homered, and then missed the liner that changed the game. Starting pitching was great, the bullpen faltered. But it was really the defense that cost the Reds the game. The team has been very solid on defense all year, so this was out of character. I can't help but remember back to last year when Matt Holiday blew a catch in left to lose game three for the Cardinals against the sweeping Dodgers. That error effectively ended the series; the Reds have one more chance tomorrow night at home.

My favorite moment from Game 2 came during a pitching change. The camera showed Heisey, Stubbs, and Bruce talking in the outfield. That one shot showed the youth and future of the franchise, but also the inexperience. I really felt buoyed by the shot and reassured that this year was not a fluke. The Reds are contenders and will continue to be.

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