Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sunday doubleheader

Tomorrow we have the Bengals game in the afternoon and the Reds playoff game at night. Will this be the greatest live sports day for me ever? I don't know, but it got me thinking about other playoff games I've been to.

The most famous game I ever attended in person was a 1977 playoff game between the Bert Jones led Baltimore Colts and Kenny Stabler's Oakland Raiders. The game ended in the second overtime on a touchdown pass from Stabler to Dave Casper. Casper had already caught a long pass leading to a game-tying field goal in regulation. I have seen the recap of the game on "NFL's Greatest Games" on numerous occasions. Until the first grade, I lived less than a mile from the old Memorial Stadium in Baltimore. But when we moved to Michigan, I bought a Raiders sweatshirt at Sears and was a Raiders fan for most of my childhood. (Yet another reason to hate the Steelers.) I think I was the only fan in the stands cheering at the end.

Probably the second most famous game I saw in person was a 1984 NFL playoff game at RFK stadium where the Bears upset the Redskins. It was truly the coming out party for the 1985 team that was a Monday night loss to the Dolphins away from perfection. (Unless, like me, you count the Super Bowl Shuffle as a far cry from perfection.)

I've seen a couple of NFL playoff games in Indianapolis (I honestly think it's two, but it might be three) but they all ended the same way: in the first quarter with the Colts destroying the Broncos.

I've only been to one baseball playoff game, game 3 of the 1985 NLCS between the Cardinals and the Dodgers. Unfortunately, that was not the "go crazy folks" game, but the Cards did win.

I guess the ultimate live sports event for me was the 1982 Illinois High School football state semi-final playoff game which I attended as a player. But we lost.


Jim said...

I did a preseason double-header one year in KC. Royals in the afternoon and Chiefs in the evening. It's all one big parking lot in KC so you went back to the car, grilled out and then went to watch football. Long day.

Watch out for the drunks and have a great day!

Dave Zahniser said...

Jim, That's are tailgate strategy unless they run us out of the lot.