Thursday, April 8, 2010

Game 2: O-Cab and the wave

Game 2 is in the books and it looked a lot like game 1, with the Reds never getting the lead in spite of decent pitching and the bullpen not able to hold on. Cueto gutted out 6 tough innings only to have the bullpen blow it, this time mostly by rookie Logan Ondrusek. He came in (after Herrera gave up a hit to Schumaker) and walked Brendan Ryan on four straight pitches with Pujols on deck. Not a winning recipe. Rather than wasting Herrera on one guy and bringing in the rookie, Dusty should have gone straight to Rhodes with the idea that Massett would pitch the eighth and Cordero the ninth. But that didn't happen, and the Cards scored big off of the bullpen for the second straight game.

O-Cab had a bit of a coming out, with a two-run homer and an rbi double, but his leadership was on full display last night, and that's much more important to this team. Cueto seemed upset when Yadier Molina seemed upset that Cueto hit him. In fact, Ramon got into a shouting match with someone in the Cards' dugout, which further upset Cueto. O-Cab aggressively took control of the situation at the mound and the Reds and Cueto got out of the inning with the score tied.

Rolen had a nice game but it won't show up in the box score. He hit the ball hard each time, with little to show for it, and made a great defensive play to end a Cards rally. O-Cab made a nice diving catch, but it wasn't as timely as Rolen's gem. Those guys are going to be really good for the Reds this year.

Finally, a thought about the fans. It was very discouraging for me, and I'm sure worse for the players, to be in a tight ball game in the late innings with a rally going. O-Cab doubled in a run late, but nobody noticed. The fans were doing the wave.

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