Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Opening Day

We had great weather, but not so great a game. Harang was okay, but not great and certinaly not good enough to beat Pujols and gang today. Harang's slider looked great when he kept it down, getting a lot of swings and misses, but he got a couple fastballs up and Pujols and Rasmus crushed them.

The bullpen really gave it up, with Massett giving up a grand slam late that put it out of reach. The bullpen will not be that bad, though.

You have to wonder why the Reds went with their fourth and fifth outfielders, especially Nixy, who barely made the team. Gomesy has the most power on the team (as evidenced by Sunday's batting practice display) and should be playing. But with Harang pitching (a fly ball guy) I could see using CD in left, but not center with Nixy in there and Drooooo on the bench. That doesn't make sense. Of course, when Drooooo did get in there he went 2-2 with an rbi. He's got to play every day, not platoon, or he should be in AAA.

Rolen, Rolen, Rolen looked good with a big fly and so did Joey Votto. Broooooce struck out looking with guys on late (but pre-grand slam). That hurt.

Not a great day, but I'm still excited about the season. The Reds still have a chance. I was back on the Dusty band wagon coming out of the spring, but I'm right on the edge, about to fall off.

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