Wednesday, April 7, 2010

TV update

Several great things happening on T.V. right now. Here are some notes:

1. Veronica Mars may be back.

2. Surprisingly, last night's American Idol, doing the Beatles, had more good performances than cringe-worthy moments. You haven't heard from me about Idol this year, but that's because the season has been so uninspiring. I do think the contestants are getting better and most of the bad singers are gone. But there's not that much there to like this season. I think Andrew Garcia is going home tonight.

3. The best show on T.V. is back next week: Glee!

4. Last night's Lost gave me actual hope that the show's ending will be satisfying. They may not tell us everything, but I think we're going to know all of the big stuff.

5. Damages has been terrific this year. The season finale is April 19. Taking its place in our line-up, the terrific new series, Justified, based on an Elmore Leonard story and starring Timothy Olyphant.

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Mommy with a Masters said...

I finally figured out how to comment under my own account (even though it's not actually my name!). I'm glad you're seeing some hope for LOST! Laura