Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This is the thirty-something anniversary of a very important event for this blog.

About this time in 2006, I was invited to a birthday party of a law school classmate. I ran into another classmate at the party who said, "hey, are you a baseball fan?" I said I was, although my interest in anything other than the Reds (my faovorite team at the time) had seriously waned. Rachel and I would go to the games at the GAP but that was about it for me. He proposed that I join his fantasy baseball league. I joined for basically three reasons: 1. It was American League only, so it would not conflict in any way with me rooting for the Reds; 2. It was "roto", so I could basically draft and watch, and not have to put any time into it; and 3. I wanted to meet some of the folks involved. I had no idea how much I would enjoy fantasy baseball and how much a part of my life it, and baseball in general, would become. If not for my renewed interest in baseball, through fantasy (how I joined the N.L. only league is also a pretty good story) this blog would either not exist, or would be completely different.

The classmate with the birthday was none other than my main inspiration to begin blogging -- Scutch, a.k.a. "UK Football Fan." But for him, there is no way I would be blogging. Today is his birthday, so head over to his blog and wish him a "Happy Birthday" in the comments section. While you're there, tell him to rev back up "Scutch Speaks" a more general (and perhaps to most of you, more interesting) blog than the UK Football blog (although the writing is equally good).

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