Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not as cheap right-handed power

The Marlins are apparently not interested in signing Dan Uggla long-term. He might be a good candidate for the Reds to target in trade. He will go to arbitration this year (if they don't settle -- they're about $1 mil. appart right now) and make a pretty good salary, but he is a decent fielder and can really slug homers. He's a second baseman, but could play third in a pinch. If the Reds traded for him, they could move BP to short, his original position. I would test the waters now, as he and his agent might be open to a long-term agreement. That would be a necessity if the Reds are to give up what it would take to get him. Plus, if they do it now they can move BP during spring training rather than during the season. But they could wait to see how the year is going and then try for him before the trade deadline. They might also work out an NBA-style sign and trade with the Marlins. The riskiest part of this move would be if it upsets BP, because you know Uggla will perform. Whether he can be had long-term would be the difference in what the Reds would be willing to give up.

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