Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Walt Jockety on the MLB Network

Walt Jockety was just on the MLB Network and seemed to directly contradict what Bob Castellini told John Fay last week. Jockety complained that the Reds are just like every other team, suffereing from a bad economy, slow season ticket renewals, and decreased sponsorship money. Castellini told Fay last week that they didn't know yet how season ticket renewals were going (anyone who believes this is a moron; of course they know) but that sponsorship money was actually up. You can't believe anything that anyone tells the media. The only reason to even pay attention is to hear opinions from experts. Interviews with people directly involved are worthless.

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Scott Blume said...

I would think that we are just weeks from picking up some real bargains. Andy Pettitte is a great example. There was nothing out there for him so he returned to NY.
By the way, I am very interested in the new Torre book that has everyone in NY talking. I really respect Torre and I honestly think it will be an entertaining book but fair to all involved.