Monday, January 26, 2009

Oscar nominees update

We saw The Reader on Sunday. No question it's a good movie, but it certainly isn't up to par with Slumdog and Milk. It was similar to The Wrestler in that it had great acting and an interesting story but I think I enjoyed The Wrestler a little more. I still haven't seen Benjamin Buttons or Frost/Nixon. I'm not interested in B. Buttons at all, but will likely see it because of the nomination (and so I can keep you, the valuable reader, updated). I'm not too interested in Frost/Nixon, but do think it will be good. Rachel wants to see it because she liked The Queen and this has some of the same folks.


Sean Schmergel said...

Mary and I have seen all the nominated films except The Reader. So far, I enjoyed Benjamin Button the least of the bunch. I was written by the same screenwriter that wrote Forest Gump, and the parallels to that film are uncanny . . .it's just not as original or well done. It ought to win for makeup or effects, but that's about all.

The Wrestler was worth seeing mainly for Rourke's "comeback" performance, but was otherwise not particualrly noteworth (unless you consider Marissa Tomei's breasts noteworthy).

Frost/Nixon is very well acted, but much like Doubt, is clearly derrived from a play. Doubt incidentally also had fantastic performances from all three principals, especially (surprise, surprise) Mery Streep who plays the principal (pun intended).

Another one worth seeing is Rachel Getting Married, in which Anne Hathaway turns in a great performance, though I imagine it will be tough for her to beet Streep.

So far, Mary and I are in agreement that Slumdog ought to be the front-runner for Best Picture. I have not decided yet on the actor/actress categories, but I'll post a comment to your next blog entry on the subject!

Dave Zahniser said...

Rachel Getting Married was a terrific movie. In addition to a great performance by Anne Hathaway, the woman who plays Rachel (Rose Marie Dewitt?) was very good. She was also in Mad Men (Don's bohemian girl friend) and in the new United States of Tara on Showtime (the one where Toni Collette has multiple personalities).