Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cheap right-handed power

I'm going to renew my call to the Reds to invite Richie Sexson to spring training on a minor league deal. The Reds don't really have a spot for him, but if he bounces back (iffy) they could have a real find with him in the GAP. Remember, he hit in Seattle for several years, where it's hard to hit a dinger.

It also appears that the Dodgers are going to flat-out release Andruw Jones. The conventional wisdom is that he'll head back to Atlanta, also in desparate need of outfield power. Again, I think he'd be a good risk for the Reds. He will obviously be cheap to sign (he could be had for the minimum unless a bidding war starts, which seems unlikely). And we actually have a spot for him in left or right field. He's always been a good fielder and if he's not movtivated now, he never will be. I even heard he might go to Atlanta on a minor league deal. Surely the Reds can beat that! (This just in, Jockety's response: "Stop calling us Shirley.")

Both of these guys are old and clearly declining, but there's no long-term commitment here. Worse case scenario, neither pans out and the Reds are out a little bit of money. But both have a chance to rebound and could really help the club. And even if they do succeed it only moves back the timetable on any young player 1 year. Right now, none of our young guys (non-Bruce/Votto category) seem ready so what's the harm in moving them back a year?

Plus, and this is probably the most important consideration for the Reds, I need people in my season ticket group, so we need to sign somebody to get the interest level up.

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