Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Colonial League supplementary May draft

We had the supplementary May draft today in the Colonial League. I had slipped to sixth (from a recent third) out of nine, so I had the fourth pick. Here was my plan going in:

Drop Andrew Miller, add Brandon Jones
Drop Jonny Gomes, add Chad Gaudin
Drop Seth McClung, add Omar Infante

I thought Jones had the most upside potential of the guys available. (Scott Hairston had the best stats.) I wanted Infante for my reserves because of his position flexibility (eligible everywhere but 1B and Catcher). I wanted Gaudin because I really like him and I think he's got a lot of potential. Pitching in PETCO should help, but pitching for the Pads probably won't.

Here's how it went:

1st round: Drop Miller, add Jones
2nd round: Drop Gomes, add Kawakami
3rd round: Drop McClung, add Gaudin

Another team dropped Kawakami. I'm not going to start him this week, but the Braves have a lot invested in him and he's going to get every chance to succeed. I'm hoping for a bounce-back while he's on my reserves. It means that I missed out on Infante, but he was a luxury anyway. Another team grabbed him to start the 4th round or I would have had to decide if he was worth dropping another player. Probably not.

I did add two outfielders to my utility spots, subsituting for pitchers. So I have Jones and Schierholtz playing in the utility spots, and Kawakami, Oliver Perez, Joe Blanton, and Daniel Cabrera on reserve. Gaudin (two starts) is active.

I also have McCann in reserve, with Jesus Flores replacing him on the active roster.

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