Friday, April 24, 2009

Road Hogs

The Reds took seven of ten on the road trip, which was very encouraging. They did it with pitching: good starts and great work out of the pen. I'm not too worried about guys like Rhodes and Weathers being over worked, either. These are veteran guys who can pile up the innings until they ultimately get hurt. Right now, it seems like the Reds have some depth and could stand an injury or two. More than that, or if Cordero goes down, it could be trouble.

But we're supposed to be upbeat and optimistic with a winning record and tied for second in the division. The Cards are off to a hot start and have the lead.

Rachel and I are headed down to the park tonight for Volquez v. Vazquez (sounds like a UFC title fight on pay-per-view) and I'll provide a full report on the game tomorrow.

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