Saturday, April 25, 2009

Walks will haunt

Earlier this week we asked if walks always haunt. They certainly did last night. The first hit Volquez gave up last night was a solo home run to Jeff Francoeur in the fifth. Unfortunately, he had already given up two runs and the lead by issuing five walks in the fourth, including two with the bases loaded, the first of the two to the pitcher. Volquez obviously has good stuff, but he only managed to last five innings because of the high walks total. He was actually lucky to go five. He came to bat in the bottom of the fourth in a 2-2 game with 2 on and 2 out. Even though he actually had a no-hitter going I thought Dusty should have pinch hit for him. We needed the runs, and Volquez clearly couldn't find the plate. He did get through the fifth, but he gave up another run on the Francoeur home run. That was a great chance to score for the Reds but, predictably, Volquez struck out with two in scoring position to end the threat. All told, he walked 7 and hit a batter, which lead to the benches clearing and the bullpens emptying, but no fireworks (until after the game).

That hit by pitch last night lead to Votto getting drilled today and both teams being warned. But again, no fireworks unless you count the Braves lighting up Arroyo to the tune of a 10-2 beat down. (Lowe did get the win to help the Legends.)

Chris Dickerson looks lost. He blew two plays in left today before making a nice diving catch. And he went 0-5 in the lead off spot and struck out 4 times. leaving 6 guys on base. Worse, he looked clueless out there. I thought he was a steal in the Colonial League draft, but I'm afraid he needs to go down to Louisville to get straightened out. Hopefully, he can turn it around and prove that last year's stint in the majors wasn't a fluke.


Jon Williams said...

I think the Reds need to invest in a true pitching specialist for the coaching staff. Someone who can actually help the Reds improve. The Bakers of the world talk a good game but they just don't help advance the level of play much.

Dave Zahniser said...

I agree, Jon. I'm actually really liking how Dusty is handling the team this year, accept for keeping BP in the clean-up spot -- he moved down to 6th and went 3-7. Why not leave him there for another week or so? Anyway, having said that, the pitchers need some help. Your suggestion is a good one.

Anonymous said...

Dickerson stinks in left field. You know who would look good in left field? Pat Burrell. While he's off to a slow start, he's walked 13 times and has a .370 OBP. For the relatively small sum of $7M. He could have been had cheaply! Why haven't you written about this, David?!?!?!?