Sunday, April 19, 2009

Reds win

The Reds don't seem to be very good this year. It's the same old poor defense, lack of hitting, and general lackadaisical play that has driven us crazy over the last couple of years. The difference this year? The Reds are actually winning. They can't hit a lick, but the starters have been solid and the bullpen has been lights out. Volquez has been maddening, but kept us in games, Arroyo has been solid, and Harang is even showing some emotion! But boy has the bullpen been good. The formula seems to be 6 IP from the starter, Rhodes, Weathers, and Cordero, who hasn't blown a save yet.

On this ten game road trip, they're now 4 and 2. Most of us probably would have taken four wins for the whole road trip based on last year's record on the road and in the division. Maybe this is the year we've got the 'Stros number? If the Reds start to hit (besides Owings, that is) the Reds could actually start looking good as a contender. One more with Houston, then on to Chicago for three with the Cubs (weather permitting). How we do against the Cubs may be a good indicator of our chances this year.


jkat1005 said...

Dave - where did Keppinger go in the offseason? Was he that much more expensive to keep than Janisch? I though Keppinger was more of a known quantity. Maybe Reds got more in trade than they would have for janisch?

Dave Zahniser said...

The Reds traded Keppy to the 'Stros for a player to be named later (a minor leaguer) mostly because he had a bas spring and was out of options so they couldn't send him to Louisville. They kept Janish for his defense, because they weren't sure about A-Gon's health. In today's Enquirer, John Fay was questioning the move of trading Keppy because of his offense, highlighting that he "kills left-handers."
Big Z